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StealthEnomics™ formed from the vision of four men; Vonnie Wright, Christopher Bell III, Demond Raybon, and Leroy Wilson. During the initial meeting of the four men, they realized that their diverse skill sets and expertise could be brought together to create a different business startup concept. These co-founders were entrepreneurs themselves who had once struggled and had to ask themselves one simple question: “Why is there no systemic approach and no predictable outcomes associated with launching a traditional business?” They envisioned a company that would serve as a resource and a hub for small business launch services. They also wanted to make it simple and convenient for working professionals and Armed Forces personnel to transition into entrepreneurship. The co-founders wanted to focus on making it simple to design, plan, and launch people’s businesses with a minimal of life/work conflict, anxiety, and uncertainty. After 3-years of research and trial & error, the founders remedied this issue with the creation of the StealthEnomics™ 8 First Best Steps™ System. Today, StealthEnomics™ is prominently positioned for profitability as it transforms the way businesses get started in America.

What Is StealthEnomics™?


StealthEnomics™ Small Business Launch Box

StealthEnomics™ is mission-driven to become the #1 business launch services company in North America. Our aim is to reduce the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty normally experienced when new entrepreneurs and business owners initiate their first steps to transform an idea, product, or solution into a viable new business. We do this by providing access to our diverse team of business launch experts, our holistic business services, and the First Best Step System™ to accelerate the launch of a new business or to help optimize the performance of existing small businesses. 

We believe that TIME is the most important currency in business – not money. Lost money can be recovered, but time lost is gone forever. StealthEnomics™ leverages in-house business launch experts who manage the launch of a business holistically, seamlessly, and concurrently from beginning to end with our First Best Step System™ and not as a multi-project, multi-vendor, stop-start, unpredictable process. This approach saves time, reduces anxiety, and produces predictable, quality outcomes that are attractive to new business executives and their investors. As a company, StealthEnomics™ is a integral and impactful part of the business community. This fulfills our personal goals of not only building projects but also launching dreams.

StealthEnomics™ is quickly becoming an integral player in the global small business community as evidenced by our sponsorship of the StealthEnomics™ and #Firesidechat $25,000 Entrepreneurs Scholarship Award and we can’t wait to help transform a project into a dream come true for all entrepreneur.

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